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Okay chaps, I want to try and get this ball rolling. I need to know who wants to play D&D over the livejournal. I will DM of course, I think Levi and Jordy were interested, as well as Mike and Cory, need to try to get in touch with Sam. It is open to anyone who wants to play, and you can have more than one charachter (I.E. you decide that the main group is too slow, so you make a new guy to go off adventuring by yourself, or maybe you and one other person will make a good team) but of course, the great limiting factor in this equation is yours truely. I will probably not have a ton of time monday and tuesdays, the rest of the weekdays will have some spare time, but it depends on my classes. So let me know who wants to play, and I am going to lie down some fundamentals today.

This is your world. And I am sure it needs some explaining. The campaign will begin in the north west region, within the big red circle. The campaing will have a story line, but will also be pretty open ended if you want to go explore somewhere around the world.

There are seven nations within this continent:

Bellnia - The nation in the very northwest (red) is Bellnia. Bellnia is a very rich land, it has many natural resources which has lead to a very sucessful middle class. Bellnia prides itself with being very advanced, it is the only nation on the continent to have a democratically elected parliment. Bellnia is not a very strong country by itself, and relies on mercenary armies to defend it's borders in times of war.

Gavtra - To the ease of Bellnia, is Gavtra (light green). Gavtra pried it's lands from the hands of a now extinct dwarf population, during the centuries of war between man and dwarf, the people of Gavtra picked up a few dwarven traits. The capitol is a giant fortress built on a mountain face, that goes deep into the mountain. The Gavtra army is the strongest on the continent, and the generals are considered among the worlds most powerful men. At the age of 16 every male is drafted for 13 years of military service. Each basic Foot soldier wears full plate armor, carries a tower sheild, a one handed ax, a two handed ax, a short sword, a short spear and a crossbow. Because of the enormous expense of the army, it is often rented out to foreign powers (usually Bellnia).

Arcos - South of Gavtra is Arcos (light blue). Arcos is a mecca of the users of Arcane magic, it is home to the school of Abjuration. Arcos stays neutral in most affairs between nations, and very few generals (only the most brave or most stupid) have launched an attack against it, and none were sucessful. The king of Arcos is a sage wizard, who is rumoured to be over 200 years old and to posses the elix or immortality.

Arbomam - In the north east of the western continent, is the forest nation of Arbomam. This nation, though controlled by man, is home to the only surviving population of native elves of the western continent. The rangeres of Arbomam are skilled trackers and feared archers. It is said that they can shoot an arrow through the eyehole of a Gavtran footsoldier's helmet on the rear lines. The men and elves live symbiotically, and help each other when in time of need.

Kosham - To the south of the previous 4 nations is Kosham (yellow). Kosham is ruled by a derranged old king who drained most of the nation's resources and population centuries earlier during a war with Gavtra. It is said that during the seige of the Gavtran capitol, one of the king's generals reported that they had lost 600,000 men but one soldier of Kosham managed to enter the beseiged city, and the King considered the battle a success. The nation now has a fuedal system, where most of the power lies in the hands of the wealthy land owners who repress the surfs.

Diteria - South of Kosham is the relativly new nation of Diteria (brown). Diteria rebelled from Kosham (which used to controll the region) during the war with Gavtra and founded it's own government. The government is more progressive, but wealthy land owners still have a large amount of power over the government. The nation is subdivided into principalities that are conected by a confederation. Legends tell of a once great warrior who founded Kosham back in the golden age, who will reunite the two nations to create the most powerful nation in history.

Perdillia - Finally the southern most country on the western continent is Perdillia (blue). Perdillia has a strong millitary that frequently clashes with the orcs who live in the mountains. The Perdillian army has some of the best cavalry in the nation, and the soldiers are expert mountain climbers. Perdillia is usually the last stop of any caravan brave enough to travel the dangerous roads to the west, and has many forign influences. Perdillia is also home to the school of conjuration, that trains many powerful wizards.

The mountainous regions are home to tribes of orc warriors who raid the continent, few humans dare to enter those mountains, and for good reason. An old old legend, tells of a powerful wizard who dedicated his life to defending the continent against orcs. It is said that there was never a divide between the western and eastern continents. But the wizard grew tired of fighting the orcs and tried to split the lands of man away from the continent and make it into an island. So he tore the land in two, straight down the mountain range, and just when he was about to complete his spell, he was interupted. His familiar (a snake who was able to turn into a man) had been persuaded by the orcs to betray his master, and so he bit his master during the spell. As the poison of the snake's bite took the strength from the wizard, he muttered one last curse, and tied the snake into a gordian knot. Now wheather or not the wizard died varies from story to story, but the orcs in the mountains still carve a symbol of a snake tied into a knot onto their sheilds.

At the very north of the mountain range is a narrow isthmus that connects the western continent to the eastern continent, only very strong and very brave caravans travel the pass, but those who make it sell their goods to the westerners at very high prices. They sell silks and other commodities, rare spell components, and spell books from wizards to the east.

Also connected to the tale of the wizard and the snake, is the mysterious "Black water" that flows in the area between the wild lands and the western continent. All the area that is scribbled in pen represents black water. Any wood that contacts the water rots immediatly, metal rusts, and skin burns. there are roumers of pirate ships completly coated in the scales of black dragons that can sail the black water.

The southern continent are the wild lands, lands mostly unknown to man, and very dangerous. The eastern continent will be elaborated on later, and contains most of the races other than humans. All the seemingly random solid and dotted lines represent trade routs, and major roads.

Magic is going to be set up like my last (short lived) campaign, arcane spells always need material components if listed, no feats like eschew materials, still spell or silent spell. and NO COMING BACK FROM THE DEAD, EVER! race to class limitations will be the same too.

Humans: The most versitile race in the game, to save time I will just post what they are not allowed to play. Sorcerer, Scout, Warlock.
Halfling: Bard, fighter, rogue, scout.
Gnome: Bard, rogue, swashbuckler, fighter.
Dwarf: Barbarian, cleric, fighter.
Half-elf: Bard, cleric, druid, fighter, rogue, ranger, swashbuckler
Elf: Bard, druid, fighter, rogue, ranger, scout.
Half-Orc: Barbarian, druid, fighter, ranger.

The nature of magic changes the game world from the standard rules a bit. For example wizards are more like modern scientists, there are scientific explanations for Arcane magic, I will get into that in more detail when the game starts. To cast Arcane spells material components, voice and hand gestures are all required (no warlocks on the material plane). It is also impossible to master all schools of magic, and and Wizard has to be a specialist, and the type of wizard depends on race.

Human: Conjurer or Abjurer.
Halfling: Transmuter.
Gnome: Illusionist.
Dwarf: Enchanter.
Half-Elf: Evoker
Elf: Diviner.
Half-orc: Necromancer.

That is enough for now, sorry about the spelling errors.

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