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I figured i should give you guys some basic info on the races of this campaigns, where they live and such. If you wanna start making charachters post as much as you want on here, make as much background as you want with the info provided. make them level 1.

Halflings - Halflings are native to the western continent. They have been able to peacefully coexist with humans, but their population is rather small. They often are servants for larger estates, or as diplomats. Halflings also live on the eastern continent, often times as merchants, or traveling with caravans as translators. On the eastern continent, halfings have fared better economically, than in the west. The School of Transmutation is located in the east, and skilled transmuters often persue the elix of immortality.

Gnome - Gnomes in this world often are skilled merchants. They consider themselfs citizens of the world, and are know as great travelers. Many gnomes are able to speak several languages fluently before adolesance. Gnome cities are found in the desert, where they trade between east and west and sell suplies to travelers. The Scool of Illusion is located in a desert city, but very few know exactly where.

Dwarf - Dwarves are almost extinct in this world. What few dwarf civilizations that remain live deep within the mountains, and some say they have become part of the under-dark. Dwarves are very hostile to outsiders, and only for very important reasons do they come to the surface. If a dwarf is sentanced to exile, he will usually kill himself, rather than go to the surface.

Half elf - Half elves can be found on both continents, but more often in the east. They adapt to the culture that they are raised in, and can be born from either a human woman or an elven woman.

Elves - Elves dominate the Eastern continent. They have built great empires, and have a rich culture and history  all to their own. They are very fond of trade and many elves will become merchants and attach themselves to huge caravans. Elves also take to the sea, and occasionally will sail all the way around the wild lands to the lands of man. Wood elves exist on the western continent in the country of Arbomam.

Half orc -Half orcs are rare in this world, and are usually killed on birth. (the birth also kills the mother) They are only born to human women, and are almost always the result of rape. A half orc that survives to adulthood is usually somewhat of a loner  and has to constantly look over his shoulder.
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nah, you can be dwarf if you want, but give yourself a good reason to be on the surface. also, i will work out a rolling system and post it on the community later.

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