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Oke doke, this is open to all players, just if you wanna do something in town before we get an adventure rolling. I will post a real adventure on sunday, untill then...

The Kosham ale house flickers from the dim light of the fireplace. Roaring laughter fills the halls, emanating from a table of so-called adventurers. The ale house is mostly empty aside from the 5 adventurers sitting at a table in the corner (who are now arm wrestling). They wear a variety of light armor, 2 in leather, 2 in studded leather and one in hide. A handful of scattered travelers, resting at the inn for the night, sit quietly throughout the pub. The only two employees are the barkeep and the beer maid.

            The sun is going down behind the grassy rolling hills, which seem to stretch on forever, and the town shops will all be closed up within an hour. Your rent for the night is paid for in advance, and your only concern is what to do with the rest of the evening.


            The town of Palesun is not exactly prosperous. Aside from the general store, the ale house, and the blacksmith, there is very little on which to spend your coin. Many buildings have been abandoned and scavenged, including the once great merchant guild which now stands in ruin in the center of town. Most of the townspeople struggle just to put food on the tables.

            Upon a hill in the distance is the Count’s mansion. The Count spends about 10 days a year living in it, just enough time to collect taxes before moving back to the capitol city of Golav. The mansion is garrisoned by a small number of soldiers year round.

            The town is known for not being entirely safe to travel alone after dark and most of the patrons of the inn are settling in for the night.


((Statements of intention))

(None required, you can simply chill in the pub if you want, also keep in mind that this is open ended, any plot devices on my part will have many sides to them, don’t feel like I am pressuring you into a story line.)

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