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mr. personality

The next morning at the ale house, the same people from the last night find their way into the common area. The room is quieter as people eat and get ready for the day. The chill spring wind rolls in through the door as it is suddenly opened.

Three men wearing uniforms of the Kosham army barge in through the door in a manner demanding attention.

“Attention citizens! Rebels have been spotted mobilizing in the south, we need all able bodied men to man the garrison and make a counter-attack, all male citizens of the great nation of Kosham, come with us. Any one else who will take up arms against the insurgents will be paid.”

The adventurers from last night quickly volunteer to defend the garrison, and seem very eager to see some combat.


“What about the rest of you then? What say you?” The soldier asks the rest of the patrons of the inn.


((Statements of intention))

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