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D&D Ability Score Roller (v1.5), by Louis.

Rolls base ability scores and associated modifiers for character creation.

It rolls 4 sets of 6 stats. Each stat is the sum of the highest 3 of 4 d6 rolls (i.e. drop the lowest)


    Score #1: 14      Score #2: 18      Score #3: 10 

    Score #4: 15      Score #5: 16      Score #6: 14 

Ability Scores {modifiers}: 14{2}, 18{4}, 10{0}, 15{2}, 16{3}, 14{2}

Stat Modifier Total: 13, Sweet Ability Score Total: 87!


Ezekiel “Zeke” Von Gottstein


Class: Paladin

Level: 1

Race: Human

Deity: None, explained in background

Alignment: Lawful Good

Age: 34


Stat                 Score               Mod

Str                   15                    +2

Dex                 10                    +0

Con                 18                    +4

Wis                  14                    +2

Int                   14                    +2

Cha                 16                    +3





AC                   Touch              Flat-Footed

16                    10                    16


Save                Base                Mod                Bonus              Total

Fort                 +2                    +4                    +0                    +6

Ref                  +0                    +0                    +0                    +0

Will                 +0                    +2                    +0                    +2


Attack             BAB                Mod                Bonus              Total

Melee             +1                    +2                    +0                    +3

Ranged           +1                    +0                    +0                    +1


Weapon                      Damage          Critical            Type                Special

Long Sword                1d8                  19-20x2           Slashing          None              

Lance                          1d8                  x3                    Piercing           Reach


Class Ability                                                   Description                                        

Aura of Good              Paladin detects as Good at his level

Detect Evil                 Paladin can use as spell at will

Smite Evil 1/day         Add Cha mod to attack roll and add Paladin level to damage                    


Skills                                                   Ranks             Mod                Total

Concentration (Con)                          2                      +4                    6

Craft (Armor) (Int)                             2                      +2                    4

Diplomacy (Cha)                                2                      +3                    5

Handle Animal (Cha)                         2                      +3                    5

Heal (Wis)                                          2                      +2                    4

Knowledge (Politics) (Int)                  2                      +2                    4

Knowledge (Religion) (Int)                2                      +2                    4

Profession (Smith) (Wis)                    2                      +2                    4

Ride (Dex)                                          2                      +0                    2

Sense Motive (Wis)                           2                      +2                    4


Feats                                       Description                             Book                           Page #

Improved Smiting                   +1d6 dmg to Smite                 Complete Divine        82

Mounted Combat                   Negate hit on mount              PHB                            98



Warhorse                    Don’t have MM with me, will post stats at work in a few days...




Weapon                                  Weight

Long Sword                            4 lb.

Lance                                      10 lb.


Armor                                     AC       Check Penalty            Speed             Weight

Scale Mail                              +4                    -4                     20 ft                 30 lb.

Heavy Wooden Shield           +2                    -2                     ------                 10 lb.  


Misc                                        Use                                          Quantity          Weight

Backpack                               Carry shit                               1                      2 lb.    

Rations                                   Eat this stuff                           1                      1 lb.    

Bedroll                                    Where I sleep                         1                      5 lb.    

Sack                                        Too easy                                 1                      ½ lb.               

Flint and Steel                        Burn Baby Burn!                    1                      -----

Hooded Lantern                     White Power!                          1                      2 lb.

Oil                                           See Flint                                 3 Pints             1 lb. per

Holy Symbol (Wooden)          The power of Christ               1                      -----

                                                Compels you…


Total Weight

46 on Person

21.5 on Horse


Carrying Capacity


Light                           Medium                      Heavy

66 lb. or less               67-133                         134-200


If I am forgetting anything please let me know…



            10 Years ago I first followed the path of light; I fought evil and was a champion of justice… But I was blinded by the light, and the justice I fought so hard for turned out to be nothing but the will of a corrupt man. I was used as a puppet and upon the realization it was too late, I was left with few options: To fight for what was truly right, to continue acting as a puppet, or to disappear and leave it all away. I could not let myself become an evil tool but had not the will to fight the evil and I took the coward’s way out. Thus the light forsook me and I vanished into the ambiguity of serfdom taking up the trade of my father, I became a drunk… and a smith.

            I had grown up the son of a well to do smith and had learned the basics of forging at an early age. I would have grown to be a smith and would have been lost to time as a no one, but it was not to be. My father’s business fell on hard times and the money that he did make went to cure his illness, sobriety. I had no idea how indebted he was, but one day on my thirteenth year I came home from the smithy and found our house broken in and our belongings stolen. As I made my way upstairs I came upon the body of my father, tied to a chair and beaten. A dagger was stuck into his chest with a note that simply stated, “You still owe us”. As fought back my tears I heard the front door creak open. I opened the window and jumped out onto the roof and made my way to the ledge to look at who was at the door. It was three men making their way into the house.


            “Where is his brat, the boss wants him to pay the rest of Gottstein’s debt”, the bald one shouted.


 Bah, there will be more but my head is dead…


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