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OK, continuation of the campaign today. I want to say a couple things first, I want to try a new hous rule. When a charachter is shot by a bolt or an arrow, the arrow (or bolt) will be stuck in the charachter. To remove it, you must either take a free action and pull it out which causes equal damage to the damage you took when it hit you, or make a heal check at DC 10+damage. Making the heal check is a full round action, and you may take 10 or take 20. If you fail the heal check, the person with the arrow in them takes half the initial damage (rounded down). for example, lets say.. Sam gets show by an arrow and takes 5 points of damage, he can either remove it as a free action and take 5 points or make a heal check (or get someone to make one on him) at DC 15. If the check passes, it is safely removed, if the check fails he takes 2 points of damage.

Also, as for combat, I will post a summary of the situation and then make a thread in the comments titled "ROUND ONE" and you keep all your actions for round one in that thread. It will just help keep everything organized.

The three men in the uniform of the Kosham army lead their newest volunteers outside the inn. The morning sun shines down brightly through the cloudless sky, as their leader points south and explains that the garrison is just a couple miles to the south. The party includes the three soldiers, the 5 human adventurers, the barkeeps son, one elf, one halfling, and two more humans, one of whom is riding his trusty “warhorse” which looks more like an inbred mule (and his rider matches.)

            The walk south keeps a quick pace, and most of the ragtag crew keeps silent, however there is some joking between the adventurers. An eerie silence overwhelms the group as you approach the garrison. The pale body of a young man lies outside the door of the garrison, he is lying in a pool of blood that has turned the dirt black and it is obvious that his death was neither quick nor painless.

            The garrison itself is a one story stone building with two towers on the southeast and southwest corners. The main door is made of wood and faces to the south. The roof of the building is made of stone, but parts of it appear to have been patched with wood.

            The soldiers quickly walk past the corpse outside and enter the building, inside they have basic weapons and armor for those who need it, but the quality is poor and the only person who needs to be equipped is the barkeeps son. Two more soldiers in the red uniform of the Kosham army are inside the garrison, making a total of 15 people. (5 soldiers, 5 adventurers, the barkeep’s son and you 4, the PCs)

            “Our source says that the rebels plan to attack this garrison tonight at dusk, they are counting on the element of surprise, but we are going to turn that against them. Before we go over our strategy, do you have any questions?”

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