mr. personality (blackxmage) wrote in bremerton_dandd,
mr. personality

The soldiers inside the garrison begin preparations for the inevitable battle. Blades are oiled and sharpened, bows are strung and torches are lit. The sun is hovering above the horizon and a dead calm lingers in the air.

            The lead soldier breaks the silence, “Okay, this is the plan, I want the two best archers in the towers, one in the east tower and the other in the west tower. There will also be one other person to accompany them and make sure no enemy gets up the stairs. We will let the rebels get within 50 yards, allow them to think they have us by surprise, then the archers will open fire. The rest of us will then rush out and meet them in open combat, if possible we want to take a couple alive, but don’t hesitate to strike a killing blow.”

            “The glory of Kosham is with us.” The soldier says in Old Koets, this phrase has survived into modern times mostly through religious sermons.


((Any preparations you guys have, tell me now.))

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